Agreed Report from BOM Meeting June 2019

Board of Management Meeting Agreed Report

Monday, June 24th, 2019

1. Opening Prayer

2. Correspondence.

Two requests for use of school premises during summer closure

a) cairdeas; b) yoga

Two applications for Parental Leave in first term of new school year received. Both approved.

3. Child protection Oversight Report.

There were no cases reported. All sections recorded 0

4. Treasurer’s report, (including Auditors report)

The treasurer presented his last report along with the Auditor’s report. Documentation attached.

5. Principal’s end of year report.

• School calendar 19/20

Full week off in February, Fri. May 29th

School open for Monday October Fair

• Staffing / Class update /enrolment

16 mainstream classes, 8 SEN Teachers, with 7hours from Camcloon based teacher

Some minor changes to current schedule-SEN, 6TH 1ST

A number of families leaving the school will reduce overall enrolment marginally for 19/20 school-year. 52 children have been allocated places for Junior Infants for September 2019. This includes 2 children whose parents appealed the original decision of the Board not to offer enrolment.

• Droichead/Probation

Two teachers probated, Positive feedback received from both teachers and facilitators, Aine Bleahene and Regina Power

• Use of school out of hours

3 requests – Cairdeas, Yoga, Summer course (Athlone)

• Curricular: New Language Curriculum, Assessment, (extra costs)

All classes commence implementation in both English and Gaeilge from next September. There will be ongoing professional development for the next few years. Updated reading materials are on order.

New Drumcondra Assessments were used for this year’s testing.

As new booklets had to be purchased, an extra €1000 was spent compared to last year. Results reflected the adjustment in standardized scores.

The extra spending was approved by the Board.

• Policy Reviews- STAY SAFE/RSE/SPHE

Following some discussion at staff level, a new biannual schedule for the Stay Safe and RSE modules was agreed. This format was approved by the Child Safeguarding Inspectorate at an information meeting in January of this year.

The reviewed policies for SPHE (RSE and STAY SAFE) and the Anti Bullying policy were approved and signed off by chairperson and Principal.

The principal informed the meeting that the staff would be updated on the contents of the policies and procedures early in the new school year.

• DES Applications for: 1.Summer Works Grant. 2.Emergency funding.

Documents will be submitted to the DES as soon as Dolan Associates have them completed.

• Board Treasurer, Mr. Ivan Kelly, presented the Audited Financial Accounts. A hard copy will be available in the school for inspection, on request.

The members congratulated Mr. Kelly on his new appointment in New York City and thanked him for his service as Board Treasurer for the past three and a half years. Ms. Rita Blaine was welcomed to the position as Treasurer for the remainder of the tenure of the current Board.

• The Principal informed the Board of the need to appoint a teacher to cover a Maternity Leave from September and a Special Needs Assistant for the coming year. Arrangements for the appointments would be put in place in the course of the summer.

• Highlights of 2018/2019

1. Numerous extra curricular activities enriched the Educational experience of all the children. Along with the usual, some new items were added- inter schools debating, Busy Bee Spelling, the ‘Teampoillin Burial drama/concert, duck farming and garden biodiversity project.

2. Along with the above, numerous sporting, musical, cultural, field trips, tours and numerous fundraising events took place during the year. All of which added to the holistic educational experience of the children.


Kind Regards to all our school community and wishing all a safe and peaceful Summer break.

The Board of Management.




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