Agreed Report from BOM Meeting October 2019


Election of Nominees to the BOM for the 2019-2023

The Board of Management is organizing election of a Parent and Teacher Nominees.

• Two Parents- one Mother and one Father will be nominated at the Parents’ Association Meeting on Tuesday, October 22nd at 8:30 pm in the school hall.

Attendance at this meeting is important.

• A teacher will be nominated at a meeting of those eligible on Thursday,

November 7th during a Staff Meeting, starting at 3.15 pm.

• The Patron of the school, Bishop Michael Duignan will nominate the

Chairperson and another nominee

• These five, along with the Acting Principal, will then nominate two community

persons to complete the eight person Board, which will take up the Management of the school on December, 1st 2019 for a four year term.

Further details will issue shortly.

Policy Review and Development for 2019/20

• Policy for Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs based on the new model of support.

• Annual Review of Child Safeguarding Statement (March 2020)

• Annual Review of Anti Bullying Policy (January 2020)

• Depending on new legislation or the issuing of new DES Circulars some

Policies may need reviewing

Review of Health, Safety and Welfare and Healthy Eating Policies

• The Board of Management ratifies the Health, Safety and Welfare and the Healthy Eating Policies annually. Submissions, in writing, may be sent to Mrs.

Mary Barrett before November 15th.

• Please read the current Healthy Eating Policy on the Creagh school website.

• The Board acknowledges, with thanks, the great work of the Safety Committee

and in particular of teaching staff member, Mrs Mary Barrett.

Pupil Safety and Welfare

The safety of our pupils remains our priority at all times. Please note the following:

1. Child Safeguarding Statement is on display in the school and is reviewed on an annual basis.

• Designated Person for Child Protection: Mr. Noel Lohan, Acting Principal

• Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection: Ms. Aine Bleahene, Acting

Deputy Principal.

• While the basic aspects of Road safety and Internet/Phone safety are covered in the SPHE Programme, the Board would urge parents to be continually vigilant in these regards. Again concerns have been raised about children not using footpaths to and from school and also the inappropriate use of apps such as SNAPCHAT.

2. Parking

The BOM acknowledges the efforts being made by families in relation to parking safely and driving with extra care around the school and church grounds, particularly at peak times. The BOM welcomes the increase in the number of pupils walking to school as this is reducing the volume of traffic.

3. Parents are reminded that the official opening time is 9.20a.m.

Parents, Staff and other members of the public have recently expressed concerns about children arriving in the school grounds before 9:10 am. The Principal and Deputy Principal are present on the school grounds between 9:10 and opening time at 9:20am. However the Board does not take responsibility for the safety of persons before Opening time.

Extra Curricular Activities

• The BOM is very grateful to those who give freely and willingly of their time after school hours to coach pupils.

• The Board thanked Fr. John Garvey for celebrating the beginning of year Mass with the children in the church on Tuesday, October 1st and acknowledged the contribution of staff members who supervised the work of the 60 or so non- catholic children who remained in the school.

• A new student council will be elected in the coming days. Mrs. Mary Barrett, Assistant Principal, will oversee the election and be the liaison teacher for the Council.

Treasurer’s Report

• The treasurer presented a detailed report to the BOM, which included an income and expenditure account for September, 2019, which was adopted by the BOM. The Board expresses its sincere thanks to the treasurer, Rita Moore for her work in overseeing our school accounts and to school secretary Ann Haynes for her great administrative work in this area.

Voluntary Contribution

• It was agreed by the BOM that there will be no change from the last three years to the Voluntary Contribution Scheme this year. A letter will issue from the Chairperson and the Treasurer in October. The ongoing parental support through this scheme is very much appreciated.

NEPS Service to the School

• The BOM is happy to inform the whole school community of the recent appointment of Ms. Michelle McMahon as the new NEPS EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST and wishes her well in her new position. She has already made an initial visit to the school and is due to visit again on Tuesday, October 22nd to plan her schedule of work for the coming year.

School Inspector

• The inspector, Mr Martin Whyte, continues to be attached to our school.

Minor Works

• Rooms 15 and 16 have been painted and new shelving installed by Mr. Alan Grehan. Further upgrades are planned for later this term.

• The BOM is very grateful to the school’s caretaker, Joseph Murphy for his work in maintaining the school so well during the summer months and looking after the building on a day to day basis.

Parents’ Association

• The BOM is very grateful to the school’s Parents’ Association for all of their support and wishes them well for the coming school year. A meeting of the Association on October 22 will, among other agenda items, nominate two parents- a mother and a father- to the new Board of Management for the 2019-2023 term of office

Priests of the Parish

• The BOM welcomes Fr John Garvey back to the Parish and the BOM after his sabbatical year.

• The BOM is very grateful to Fr Bernie and Fr Kieran for their pastoral support to our school in the past school year. Sincere thank also to Fr Kieran for his Chaplancy of the school and his contribution to the outgoing Board. We wish him well in his new parish of Abbey/Duniry


• To teaching staff member Ms Majella O’Rourke on the birth of her son.

• To past pupils on the Padraig Pearses team on winning the Roscommon Senior

football County Final.

• To all of our past pupils on their Leaving Certificate Results. The Board wishes

them well for the future.

Vote of Sympathy

The BOM expresses its sympathy to all families in our school community who have been bereaved recently.

Calendar for 2019/20

• The Board of Management agrees the school calendar each year in accordance with DES Circulars. A copy of the calendar for 2019/20 may be viewed in your child’s journal and on the school website www.creaghns.com

Important Dates:

• Confirmation: May 30th 2020 at 11a.m. in St Michael’s Church, Ballinasloe

• First Holy Communion: May 11th 2020 at 11a.m. in St Michael’s Church, Ballinasloe

• Mid-term Break: The school closes on Friday, October 25th at 3:00pm and reopens on Monday, November 4th, at 9:20 am.

Staff Training in the New Primary Language Curriculum

• Following the Inservice day on Monday, October 7th., the Programme is

now in place in all classes

• There may be an additional half day school closures to facilitate ongoing staff training later this school year. You will be advised of this dates once it has been confirmed.

School Attendance

• The Education Welfare Officer liaises with the Principal on an ongoing basis throughout the year in relation to school attendance. Please ensure that your child attends school daily unless there is a legitimate reason for his/her absence.

Recorded by Noel Lohan, Secretary to the Board of Management. 21/10/2019


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