Agreed Report from the Board of Management May

May 8th 2013.

BOM Agreed Report

1.Minor Works

The BOM is committed to the ongoing improvement of the school. Two rooms (Room 3 and Room 4) will be dry lined during the summer months. There will be some exterior painting completed and a new floor covering will be fitted in one room. With the removal of the Minor Works Grant by the DES, funding for such improvements now comes from the main capitation grant.

2. No Uniform Day

The BOM supports the forthcoming No Uniform Day in aid of Barnardos. The members wish Ms Laura Gallagher, member of the teaching staff, the best of luck in her ongoing fundraising campaign for this very worthy cause

3. First Communion

Congratulations to all the pupils who received their First Holy Communion on April 27th 2013. The BOM acknowledges the tremendous work of the class teachers for this great occasion.

4. Bishop Kirby’s Visit to the School

The BOM welcomes Bishop Kirby, School Patron, to the school on May 9th 2013.

5. Confirmation

Confirmation takes place May 18th. The BOM acknowledges the wonderful work of the class teachers with the two Confirmation Classes.

6. School Choir

The BOM wishes to reiterate its thanks to the pupils and teachers involved with the school choir. The choir adds a great sense of occasion to events such as Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

7. Allocation of Classes

The BOM gives the Principal the sole responsibility of the allocation of classes. The Principal will consider the various options for class groupings and assign teachers to classes accordingly. Pupils will be informed in June of their class teacher for the coming year. The BOM acknowledges the very high quality of teaching and learning that is ongoing in all classes.

8. New Science Website

The BOM thanked Science Co-ordinator, Áine Bleahene for the launch of the school’s science website under the new domain www.sciencecreaghns.com

9. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer gave a comprehensive report of all income and expenditure since the last meeting.

Next BOM Meeting: Monday 17th June 2013

Stephanie Keating, Secretary to the BOM

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