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Creagh National School School Calendar 2014-2015

September ’14

Re-opening Monday 1st

October ’14

Closed Fair Day: Monday October 6th

Closing on Friday 25th – Mid Term. (Closed Mon 27th-31st inclusive)

November ’14

Re-opening Monday 4th

December ’14 :

Closed Monday 8th : Church Holiday

Closing on Friday 19th – Christmas Holidays

January ’15 : Re-opening Monday 5th January

Please note that the school will remain open on January 6th and that Mass will be organised for the school. Normally, the school closes on Church Holidays but given the way in which the date falls, an exception has been made to remain open. This does not set a precedent for future years.

February ’15 : Closed Thursday 20th & Friday 21st – Mid-Term

March ’15 : Closed Tuesday 17th -St. Patrick ‘s Day

April ’15 : *Closing March 27th Easter Holidays

Reopening April 13th

May ’15 : Closed Monday 4th – Public Holiday

June ’15 : Closed Monday 1st– Public Holiday

Closing on Friday June 26th – Summer Holidays

This calendar could be subject to change if it is necessary for us to make up time for lost days. If changes are required as part of contingency arrangements to make up for lost days due to unforeseen school closures the length of the Easter break may be reduced by remaining open up to and including Wednesday April 1st.

The number of school days in each month are as follows:

September: 22 days

October: 17 days

November: 20 days

December: 14 days

January: 20 days

February: 18 days

March: 19 days

April: 14 days

May: 20 days

June: 19 days


TOTAL: 183 days

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