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Creagh N.S. Calendar 2019-2020

Literacy and Numeracy Documents

Improve your child’s reading in 10 minutes a day

Subtracting the fear of learning Maths

The next step to improving your child’s reading

The simple magic of learning to spell

A New Website for Parents/Guardians!
This is a new website packed full of ideas to help your child learn every day.
Just enter your child’s age and find lots of fun reading, writing and maths activities they can do at home.

Whole School Plans

Revised SPHE plan

Revised SPHE Appendix A 



Learning Support Policy







Visual Arts



Policy Documents

Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

Privacy Notice

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

CCTV Policy

CCTV Data Subject Access Request Application Form

Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Child Safeguarding Statement

Anti-Bullying Policy

Sexual Harassment

Code of Behaviour 2014

How to promote a happy school

Substance Use Policy

Assessment Policy

School Policy for Processing Complaints

Pupil Retention Policy

New, Visiting and  Substitute Teacher Policy

Promotion of Commercial Products

Positive Attendance Policy

Policy on Equality of Opportunity

Policies re Class Size, Assembly

Mobile Phone Policy

Homework Policy

Home School Communication Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Enrolment Policy

Creagh N.S. Mission Statement

Administration of Medicines

Access to Records