Halloween Mayhem and Madness at Creagh N.S.

The School Hall was transformed into a spooky house of fun and games on Friday the 25th of October thanks to the fantastic, frantic and FUNtastic efforts of Mr Dolan’s and Mrs. Gallagher’s sixth class. There was a magnificent magic show, fabulous face painting, disgusting dips, spooky story telling and horrible Halloween games to name but a few of the activities available to the whole school to enjoy on the day. Having donated 1 euro to charity for the privilege of abandoning the school uniform for the day, characters of all sorts turned up on Friday morning (teachers included!) Much fun was had by all and we are all most grateful to sixth class and their teachers for helping us all get the bank holiday weekend off to such a great start.

Check out sciencecreaghns.com for more photos of this exciting event.

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