Mr. Ronaldson’s 6th class

Learning About The Celts

In school yesterday, our class learned about The Celts by using iPads the school has provided. Our teacher, Mr, Ronaldson, gave us multiple questions to answer that were related to The Celts. We had to use the iPads to go on a scavenger hunt for the answers. We paired up and then began the research. In doing so, we all found out very much about The Celts and places they built are now tourist attractions across Ireland. For example, Tara Hill which is located in Wexford and Dún Aonghasa which is situated on Inis Mór on the Aran Islands of County Galway. These are examples of a promontory and hill fort. Questions like “What is a hill fort? What is a ring fort? Name a famous promontory fort. What is a quern stone?” were asked. We were also asked to write our names in ogham (which is the Celtic alphabet) and to look up places in Ireland that begin with “Lios” and “rath” which are the Irish words for ringfort. With the help of the iPads we were able to see pictures of ring forts , quern stones, promontory forts amnd hill forts. Two nights ago for homework we were told to write ten facts about The Celts and these were some of them:

• The Celts created a road network before The Romans.

• They developde iron.

• They worshipped a number of Gods.

• The word Celt comes from th greek word ‘”keltoi” which means barbarians.

• They invented soap.

• The Celts were extremely rich.

• They liked to cut off the heads of their enemies and bring them home for a sacrifice to their Gods.

To sum it up, I believe we all really enjoyed our research on the Celts and learned a lot of new interesting facts.

By Laurina Akeh Woha

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