Ms. Dolan’s & Ms. Barrett’s Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been very busy since we started school in September.

We have been learning all about Autumn and things that happen in Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk to search for Autumn leaves. It started raining and we had to hide in the trees! We had great fun though! We collected so many Autumn leaves of lots of lovely colours and we made some hedgehogs with our leaves.

Mr. Lohan came to our classes to sow some conkers. We will be looking after them to see if we can grow big trees!

It was so exciting learning all about Halloween and all things associated with Halloween. We learned how to carve a pumpkin with a scary face on it, we made monsters with our playdoh and we made Haunted houses in our Junk Art.

On the last day of school we had a Halloween party and got to dress up. We were so excited because our Book Buddies took us to the school Halloween party. It was great fun. Happy Halloween to everyone from all Senior Infants!

We can’t wait to see what we will be learning all about next Term!

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