St. Brigid’s Crosses 2019

A heritage evening took place in the school on the eve of St.Brigid’s Day. The evening was very well supported by the local community where both young and old made the traditional St.Brigid’s crosses from rushes. Roles were reversed with the children teaching the adults!

The children also entertained the gathering with music, song and dance.

In many of parts of Ireland it was a tradition for  ’Biddy Boys’ (or girls) to go from house to house with the ‘Biddy’, an effigy of the saint, often a straw doll, collecting money and food for a party in her honour while reciting a rhyme similar to this one:

Here is Brigid dressed in white.

Give her a penny for this dark night.

She is deaf, she is dumb,

For God’s sake, give her some.

Ms Blade’s class brought the old tradition back to life by displaying their Brídóg dolls and reciting the rhyme.

The parents association were on hand to provide a welcome cup of tea and biscuit to all in attendance.

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